Thursday, January 23, 2014

Bits and bobs I have been working on

Just wanted to say Hi and show you a little face lift to my 'idea book'.

This is where I write lists or sketch ideas of art pieces to be or not to be. 
It was just a plain notebook I had and added some grey scrap book paper to it about a year ago. 
Tonight I looked at it and thought how drab. So hopefully the new additions will inspire new ideas, creativity and cups of hot tea. :) 

Underneath my idea book are fun little quilting squares I randomly put together the other day. 

Here is what my living room table has looked like for the past week. :) 

I am determined not to put it all away until I have created something else..something fabulous, something full of color, something grand!  (my table might be looking like this for awhile ;))

Oh and here is my little incognito sewing/art supply cabinet in my living room.
  I can turn my living room into a creative space in a flash and then close it up really tidy like. :)  

Random note: 
This morning I woke up and pulled my chair over by one of my living room windows and watched the clouds move and make way for the bits of color left over from the sunrise.  As I talked with the Lord I tried to sketch what I was seeing over the apartment buildings all around... they (the apartment buildings) could not shut out the sky, the clouds the fresh morning glow. I am convinced that beauty can be found every where God is!  

Tonight I am going to try and create some beauty. Good night to you all. 
Becky in my west corner. 


Betsy de Cruz said...

Hi Becky! I love your idea book. So cute. I did something similar last fall with my daily "to-do" book, a small spiral I purchase to jot down lists and keep myself organized until it's used up and I buy another! Hope you made something beautiful, as you said when you signed off.

Creatively Content said...

Betsy...Thank you! It is fun to hear from you again. :) I really enjoy taking simple notebooks and making them personal too.

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