Thursday, March 10, 2011

Edible foam..well sort of. ;)

Fun with Foam

Foam seems to be something lots of people are blogging about and truth is I may be behind the times but we are foam-less here. (lol) Yep no foam here so this post is dedicated to
 my friend Tracy G. aka Tiny.
Thank you for sending us this fun foam.

I figure I am bound to come up with something ingenious and original if I continue to stare at these fun colors and cute kid...
However until then this is what we have done so far with our thoughtful gift...
some ideas are from friends on the web and some are our own.

     We saw this idea over at frugal family fun
 and thought we would give it a go.  
We used washable markers and warm soapy water and this idea was a hit and almost edible!!

Check out this fun foam on the go idea ..some foam cut into garden shapes, a cool container, and some wet wipes.  I think the container could look even better but I just used what I had and it was a fun little gift for some friends.

The nice thing about foam sheets is that you can cut and create whatever is the item for the moment and my little guy is a car lover. :) 

Just takes a little water 
 and tada fun all over and a window that needs to be cleaned. :)

Hey wait the cars seemed to have traveled. :)

Thank you again Tracy for our fun foam ...

None of these are ingenious but if my kids play with them for an hour at a time then they are kid approved!!

If anyone has some fun ideas for foam leave a comment or your blog or link I would love to have a few more.

Hey and a big hello to all you who have newly subscribed or are now following.  Really fun to have you!!! 

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Nike said...

I love this idea Becky! My kids would have a blast trying this on the windows. Thanks for the great idea!

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