Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Homeschool Journey and Journal #3 (with some fun links)

Our newest thing these days is adding knitting and typing 
to our weekly scehdule. :)
My sweet friend has Autty come over for 1/2 hour once a week and teaches her how to knit. This is something Autty really has wanted to do so we are both excited about her learning this skill. (and I am excited to have someone else teach her something;))

The 2nd thing I decided on was teaching Autty how to type. She has been receiving and sending
e-mails to friends and cousins and since we live overseas typing and computer use are a must. I love the site we found that is fun, interactive, effective and free. Also she can do it independently. So we have added that to our rhythm of the week also. :)

My favourite quote these days regarding Homeschool is:

Success is the sum of small efforts -
repeated day in and day out." - Robert Collier

This quote as literally breathed a bit of hope and the desire to persevere.

Enjoy these following links:
This has been a great free program for teaching Autty how to type. 
We have now put typing on her schedule twice a week 10-20 minutes. :) 

Autty loves audio books. Here is a free site we found with some classics. There is a fair selection of books that you can down load and listen to on your computer or iPod. 

My younger two still love picture books. Here is a site that is great for younger kiddos to enjoy some free books and read alouds.  There are several books that are read aloud...including Fancy Nancy. :)

In my west corner enjoying learning and teaching with my kiddos,


Jill said...

How nice for Autty to learn to knit - and great that you have a friend to teach her - kids often learn better from someone other than their mother (and don't I know it!!)
We use dance mat typing too - my girls love it - such a fun learning tool!

Sending you sunshine and smiles from Australia!


Molly said...

Thanks Becky! So glad to have those links. I love the idea of her getting additional books read to her online :)

Meg said...

Love these links! Thanks!

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