Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Turkish subway art

Made my first piece of Subway art for our office this last week. :) 
I cut part of it off because I tend to be pretty secretive about my present location. ;) he he
It looked super cute too. 

My husband got it printed out 60x60 and then we framed it with a black frame. :) 
I also went in with a black sharpie and added a few extras to some of the turkish lettering that was lacking because of the fonts I chose. 

Happy subway art for Turks and English speakers a like. :)
Thinking of making one for you all ....all you Turkey dwellers that is. 
We shall see. 

In my west Love with my creator/saviour/friend who has set me free! 


Unknown said...

Love perusing your blog, Becky! Think of you guys often and hope you are well :) Have been using my sewing machine...made a purse, and now working on pajama bottoms to send home with my t-mate.]

KendasCrafts said...

lovely! love subway art!

Meg Nuno said...


sara said...

I am so glad you left me a comment- your blog seems so happy and we have much in common- creativity- homeschooling-love of m&ms (and that was with just a very quick look at your blog!) And you live in Turkey! That is so interesting. I will definitely enjoy reading your blog :)

Creatively Content said...

Sara, thanks for stopping by and if you too have a crazy love of those colourful chocolately things that melt in your mouth you are right we have a lot in common. ;)

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